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Services Provided -

Super Bow Tune - $99.99

Includes all Basic Bow Tune items PLUS:

Complete disassembly and cleaning

Re-assembly to Factory Specs

Check and lube axles

Clean and lube limb pockets

Clean and lube all moving parts

Verify correct draw length

Tiller tune if necessary

Basic Bow Tune - $29.99

Establish center shot

Check cam timing and adjust if necessary

Check draw weight

Verify peep sight height

Wax string and check for wear

Check limbs for cracks and other issues

Paper Tune - $10.00 and Up

Customer shoots own bow through paper

Technician makes adjustments for best paper tear

​Pricing depends on involvement of adjustments required

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Cut Arrows

Fletch new Arrows

Vane or Feather

Re-Fletch Arrows

Vane or Feather

Align Broadhead Arrows

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Premium String

Vapor Trail, Sone Mountain, Brite Strings

Excellent string selection for any bow of any age.
Every string purchased includes installation and
a basic tune.

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