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Reece King

Staff Shooter 

Hi, my name is Reece king and I am very great full for this opportunity to show off a passion of mine. I started shooting sports in 3rd grade and started off with an old 4-H group. I slowly grew up and started to shoot better and better. In 5th grade I decided to start shootings competition and my first one was 4-H state. I got a red a blue ribbon, the next 2 years in archery I got blue ribbons. 7th, again I got red and blue, but I also got an invite to be on the team to travel to Nebraska. I was too young, but since then I have been getting better. Latest year I shot a high point in FITA but didn’t do so well on 3-D. But this year I hope I do well enough in it. This is my first year doing the Triple Crown and I won it. Was also my first year shooting a field round, and for my first time I won. I cannot wait for Redding and Vegas to start branching out and getting more experience.

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