Rule #1 - Minimum age to shoot is 8 years old

Rule #2 - First time shooters MUST have a safety orientation by a staff member

Rule #3 - No running on range at any time

Rule #4 - Report any safety issue to a shop employee

Rule #5 - No sky drawing; Bow weight must fit shooter

Rule #6 - No food or drinks allowed on range

Rule #7 - No pets allowed

Rule #8 - Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult or staff

Rule #9 - All people must shoot from the same yardage market at all times

Rule #10 - All people must pull arrows at the same time

Rule #11 - In case of any safety violations, you will be asked to leave

Rule #12 - Use safety commands at all times:  "CLEAR" and "LINES HOT"