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Derek Chappel

Staff Shooter 

I have always been an avid hunter and outdoorsman. I have kept myself in good shape and continue to have a healthy lifestyle and workout often. I have had firearms since I was about 10 years old and over the span of 40 plus years I have become a pretty good shot with any kind of firearm.


At the age of 51 I decided to try my hand at archery. I took to it quickly and seem to be a bit of a natural at it "so I have been told" After my first full year of competitive archery I have been very successful and have a few tournament wins under my belt and many podium finishes. I have also learned some wonderful things about the sport.

Friendship, and the great enjoyment of friendly competition. Everyone is very helpful and always willing to help out a fellow archer in need. I have decided this is what I’m going to do for the rest of my life, and wish I would have started decades ago... I strive to be as helpful to all the newcomers as everyone was with me as I continue down this road. My passion for this sport is huge and I am working hard to become a better archer every time I pull the string back.

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