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Brenden Newberg

Staff Shooter 

Growing up in a hunting family, Brenden started shooting a bow at the age of 6. He basically practiced around the yard until he started 4H Archery at the age of 11. That first year he was the Champion at the State Shooting Sports Contest, but was not old enough to qualify for the National Team. His goal after that was to make it to the National 4H Shooting Sports Contest when he was old enough. He accomplished this goal in the summer of 2016 and placed 4th in the nation.


Brenden has competed in a variety of local and state Tournaments. He has competed in the OBH Tournaments for 4 years and was/is the Triple Crown Winner 2 of those years. He also has won the Cascade Archery Tour the last 3 years. He has competed at Redding for 2 years, placing I think 10th his first year. He is a member of USA Archery JOAD and is a Silver Olympian.  He has done numerous PNW Shoot up tours, placing 1st and 2nd, in the first Flights for a couple of the individual shoots.


He is an active Bend Bowmen member and has helped set up and take down various courses for several of the shoots. He has also helped with tear down of some of the HDA Shoots.

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