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Becky Wiltse

Pro - Staff 

Archery found Becky Wiltse in mid-2010 and is her favorite hobby thus far. She’s seen success in both the target and hunting areas of archery. She has been blessed to have harvested 4 mule deer with her bow in the last 6 hunting seasons and has seen success in the state and national levels. She currently has been awarded OBH Triple Crowns in Bowhunter Freestyle class 2011 & 2012 and Freestyle class 2017, NFAA Marked Yardage Champion in 2014, 2015, 2016 in Bowhunter Freestyle class, NFAA Field Champion 2016 in Bowhunter Freestyle class. She credits her success to her husband, Dan, for allowing her to travel and attend as many shoots as possible.

In the last 5 years, Becky has made it her goal to promote target archery as much as possible. She is the Safari Coordinator for the Cascadian Bowmen Greater Oregon Safari which sees around 300 archers for a 2 day event during the 4th of July weekend and is the current Tournament Secretary of the Oregon Bowhunters Association.

Becky is an avid outdoors woman and professional. She works for an engineering firm in Eugene, OR as a Project Manager and Drafter. Becky keeps herself busy with her involvement in several organizations, Pleasant Hill Women’s Volleyball Association, Oregon Bow Hunters Association (OBH), and Cascadian Bowmen to name a few.

When not out hunting or target shooting with her husband, Becky plays volleyball on three different teams, does CrossFit, runs half marathons and enjoys the Oregon outdoors.

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