The rules and format for the Central Cascade Archery Shootout!


Registration fee includes all shooting, practice, and target faces. Pre­registration prior to December 30, 2015 is required
Fee for Open/Freestyle, BHFS, Women's and Recurve (recurve to encompass Olympic style and traditional) class: $75

All classes listed above payouts are guaranteed: 1st $1000, 2nd $600, 3rd $300

All line time assignments will be filled on a first paid, first served basis.
Cancellations after December 31st 2015 will forfeit registration fee. Exception to this rule: You live out of the area, and it is determined that SEVERE weather keeps you from attending. An example of severe weather would be a closing of the pass etc.
Practice: All lines will have 2 ends of Official Practice before scoring begins. Open practice time will be allowed as space and time permits.
• All shooting/scoring will be on official Vegas face targets, at 20 yards.
• Touching up or healing holes in targets will be allowed
• Enhancing holes in targets is prohibited.
• Shots triggered after the timer expires will not count.
• Arrows that shot beyond the 10 foot line are considered a shot arrow. If part of a shot arrow is not completely past the 10 foot line, that arrow will be considered as not having been shot and another arrow may be shot.
• Only one arrow per target spot shall be scored (in a 3 spot face). If two arrows are shot into the same spot, only the lowest scoring arrow will count. The additional arrow shall be scored a zero.
• Arrows shot into any target other than your own will be scored zero.
• Scoring shall be as a normal Vegas shoot with one exception; The X ring will count for 11 points. Example­ X’s count for 11, normal Vegas 10 ring counts for 10, 9 counts for 9 and so on. A perfect round would be a 330. This format allows for good placement and overall score even with an occasional 9 or two being shot!
• BHFS and Recurve class shall follow NFAA Styles and Equipment rules, all other classes are open or unlimited equipment.
• Shooters may only register for as many classes as they want to as long as their bow meets NFAA Styles and Equipment and must shoot 2 qualifying scores per class they are shooting in and declare what class each qualifying round prior practice rounds in said qualifying round.
• Listening devices of any kind (headphones, ear buds, iPods etc.) will not be permitted while on the shooting line.
• Shooters must use a currently manufactured arrow which is no larger than 2712
• Shooters are not allowed to touch any part of the arrow or target until all scoring on your target butt is completed and written down.
• Qualifying rounds will be double scored.
• Official Score keepers’ scores cards will be the only scores used for the tournament placement.
• Shooters may request a second call on an arrow performed by the 2 nd caller (predetermined at the beginning of each qualifying round. If the first and second call disagree, a line judge (3 rd caller) will be the 3 rd and final call. The line judge’s call is final, and cannot be challenged.
• All ties during the first two qualification rounds will be broken as follows; Cumulative score then total number of 11’s, then longest initial clean. Example: Two shooters have same cumulative scores, same number of 11’s for the tournament. The one that missed his first 11 loses the tie breaker.
• Witnessed bounce outs, or witnessed occurrences of physical interference by another shooter will be re- shot.
• An archer may miss up to two ends due to equipment failure during the qualifying rounds. Score or missed ends will be made up at the end of the round. No practice will be allowed before resuming with the group.


• Qualifying; a total of two qualifying Vegas rounds shall be shot by each shooter on Friday and/or Saturday. A perfect score being 660.
• A scored Vegas round shall consist of 10 ends of 3 arrows (30 shots). A perfect score being 330.
• Each scoring end with have 2:00 for shooting.
• All archers from the two qualifying rounds in each class will advance to the brackets on Saturday night at 6pm.
• Elimination round brackets; An Elimination round shall be shot by each archer and consist of 2 ends. An end is defined as 3 arrows shot at a top target, and 3 arrows shot at a bottom target. 6 arrows shot at one time, then scored, then 6 more for a total of 12 during the elimination round.
• The archers in each class will shoot in round one of eliminations, cutting the field in half starting on Saturday at 6pm.
• Bracket assignments are to follow standard 64­ single elimination brackets based upon entry of each class.
• NO provisions for equipment failure can be given during Elimination rounds.
• All Elimination rounds will be timed 4:00 for 6 shots.
• Elimination bracket ties will be broken as follows: # of 11’s, then a 1 arrow shoot off, for up to 2 shots if needed, the 3rd arrow will be called closet to center.
• Saturday’s Bracket schedule starting at 6 pm is as follows:
Men’s BHFS, Recurve, Women’s, Men’s FS
• Saturdays Bracket schedule starting at 8 am is as follows:
Recurve, Women’s, Men’s BHFS, Men’s FS
• Each class will complete its brackets up to the final 4 prior to the tournament moving to the next class.
Final 4 in each class:
• Finishing the bracket, the final four archers will engage in shoot­out rounds
• There will be a total of 4 shoot­out rounds per class
• A shoot out round shall be shot by each of the top 4 archers each class and consist of 2 ends. An end is defined as 3 arrows shot at a top target, and 3 arrows shot at a bottom target. 6 arrows shot at one time, then scored, then 6 more for a total of 12 during the shoot up round.
• Shoot out matches will be shot alternating arrow, with live commentary. Each archer will have 30 seconds to shoot one arrow, and then his or her opponent has 30 seconds to shoot theirs, and so on. All arrows shot after the buzzer will count as zero.
• Ties at the end of 12 arrows will be broken as follows: 1 arrow shoot off, up to 5 arrows if needed, the 6th arrow will be called closest to the center.
• NO provisions for equipment failure can be given during shoot up rounds.

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